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Kris & Steven delen beide een passie voor AI en digitale transformatie. Hieruit is eind 2023 het idee ontstaan om de krachten te bundelen en organisaties te helpen met complexe AI initiatieven met een sterke focus op

procesautomatisatie, security & privacy en E2E data integratie.


Entrepreneurial business leader passionate about technology, innovation and building teams.

Kris derive's energy from executing strategies and effectively bridging business development with operations. With a strong background in a B2B SaaS product and services company, Kris brings a customer-first mindset to UnlockAI focussing on technology and innovation. Kris excells in building high performing teams with great people and embraces continuous learning.

  • Kris Marlein
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Steven Hamerlinck

Steven is passionate about exceeding customer expectations, highly energetic, driven, and analytical.

With over 25 years of professional experience in diverse technical and leadership roles, Steven has a developed a clear business and client understanding with a keen focus on strategic planning, team collaboration, and target realization. The past 5 years Steven has increasingly focused on the ML/AI world and follows the developments daily.  He is focused to bring his security-experience into the AI realm, mainly Private AI based on Open Source AI models that provide enhanced security and privacy features.

  • Steven Hamerlinck
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